My Digital Photography Story

by Frank
(Kingston Ontario)

I work thirty hours a week for an airline company. One of the reasons I joined this profession was because of my love for traveling. I always wanted to travel the world as a child but, couldn't due to financial constraints. As soon as I turned sixteen, I started applying to jobs that were travel oriented.

Finally, I got lucky and have been with this company for the last two years. The best part of course is the free tickets that come with the package. I get six free tickets to any country of my choice. Now that's something!

When I decided to try out my first ticket, I visited Rome. I fell in love with the city instantly! And that's when I realized that I needed to buy a digital camera right away. I wanted to capture these precious moments and fantastic views forever.

I decided to start saving for a digital camera. After six months I finally had just enough money to buy the model that I had checked out in the shop many months ago. I was over the moon! I snapped every possible image I came across. The best part was I didn't have to get them all developed, only the ones I liked. It saved me a quite a few bucks.

I still remember the time when I was vacationing in Phuket, a small island in Thailand. I took a picture of a sunset. The blue and the red were merging together forming a single line at the horizon. It seemed as if the skies were lit up in a warm glow. Scattered in the sky were a few lonesome birds. The picture came out so amazing that I had it blown up and framed. It sits in my living room and every time someone walks into my house, they invariably ask me about it.

I am looking around to take a course in digital photography for beginners. Your site has given me some good ideas. Thanks!

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