Provides help for beginners in Digital Photography

I would like you to come with me on a fascinating journey along the road to Digital Photography. A road made especially easy for those beginners who just want to be able to take good photographs without getting involved with all the technical jargon which can seem so daunting.

You may start the journey knowing very little about photography and even less about digital photography, but by the end of our journey together you will be more than able to take digital images, not just “snaps”, but photographs of a high standard which you will be proud to display to all your friends.

Before we home-in on its many aspects it’s important to understand that, much of what we need to learn about photography itself is also vitally relevant to digital photography; the old and the new cannot be completely divorced.

For instance, each photograph should be well composed, correctly exposed and focused often in a way that makes sure that the principal subject is made to naturally stand out leading our eye to what is important. Much of this is done automatically by modern cameras, but sometimes they need a little help!

What is immediately obvious about using a Digital Camera, as I’m sure you already know, is that you can see right away whether you have achieved your objective. But don’t worry if you have thought digital photography too technical or complicated simply remember that it actually makes life so much easier than using a film camera. The information I will provide will not go into any unnecessary technical detail, but will concentrate only on what I’m sure you will find of practical help.